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Ukr. J. Phys. 2015, Vol. 60, N 9, p.868-871
doi:10.15407/ujpe60.09.0868    Paper

Sabirov L.M., Semenov D.I.

Physics Department, Samarkand State University
(15, University Blvd., Samarkand 140104, Uzbekistan; e-mail: denis.samarkand@gmail.com)

Different Structural States of 4-Methylpyridine--Water Solutions: Experimental Study of the Adiabatic Compressibility at the Hypersonic Frequency

Section: Soft Matter
Original Author's Text: English

Abstract: The behavior of the adiabatic compressibility bs with variation in the temperature t and the concentration x in the aqueous solution of a nonelectrolyte is experimentally studied from the fine structure of the spectra of light scattering. The sign inversion of the derivative of the adiabatic compressibility with respect to the concentration dbs(x)/dx and temperature dbs(t)/dt is observed. In the temperature-concentration phase diagram, the inversion points determine the lines of transition from the solution structure characterized by a nondisturbed continuous network of hydrogen bonds to the disturbed one, and, further, to the structure with fragmentary network.

Key words: Rayleigh scattering, water solution, 4-methylpyridine, adiabatic compressibility.