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Ukr. J. Phys. 2015, Vol. 60, N 9, p.861-867
doi:10.15407/ujpe60.09.0861    Paper

Odinaev S.1, Makhmadbegov R.S.2

1 Academy of Sciences of Republic of Tajikistan
(33, Rudaki Ave., Dushanbe 734025, Republic of Tajikistan; e-mail: odbs42@mai)
2 Tajik National University
(17, Rudaki Ave., Dushanbe 734025, Tajikistan; e-mail: Mah86Rashid@mail.ru)

Research of the Dependences of Dielectric Properties and Frequency Spectra of Dielectric Losses in NaCl Aqueous Solution on the State Parameters

Section: Soft Matter
Original Author's Text: Russian

Abstract: The frequency spectra of dielectric permittivity, ε1(v), and dielectric loss, ε2(v), coefficients for the aqueous solution of sodium chloride and their dependences on the concentration, density, and temperature have been studied. Numerical calculations of those parameters are made for a certain choice of the potential interaction energy Фab(r) and the radial distribution function gab(r). The results obtained are in satisfactory agreement with experimental data.

Key words: frequency spectrum, dielectric permittivity, dielectric losses, intermolecular in-teraction energy, radial distribution function, friction coefficient, relaxation time.