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Current issue   Ukr. J. Phys. 2015, Vol. 60, N 8, p.795-798
https://doi.org/10.15407/ujpe60.08.0795    Paper

Eshchanov B., Otajonov Sh., Solieva N., Isamatov A.

Department of Physics, National University of Uzbekistan
(Tashkent 100174, Uzbekistan; e-mail: bakhodir.eshchanov@gmail.com)

Intensity Distribution in the Spectrum Of Molecular Light Scattering And Relaxation Effects In Liquids

Section: Soft matter
Language: English

Abstract: The structure and shape of the spectral bands of orientational molecular scattering of light in toluene are analyzed. The possibility of their use for obtaining information about the features of interactions of molecules is revealed. It is shown that the observed scattering regularities can be explained, by basing on the mechanism of hindered rotation of the molecules with regard for the specific intermolecular interaction in toluene.

Key words: orientation spectroscopy, molecular scattering of light, orientation motion of molecules in liquids, relaxation mechanism, relaxation time, fluctuation.


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