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Ukr. J. Phys. 2015, Vol. 60, N 10, p.1007-1012
doi:10.15407/ujpe60.10.1007    Paper

Lashko A.P.1, Lashko T.N.1, Martinishin V.A.2

1 Institute for Nuclear Research, Nat. Acad. of Sci. of Ukraine
(47, Nauky Ave., Kyiv 03680, Ukraine; e-mail: anatolii.lashko@gmail.com)
2 Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
(2, Academician Glushkov Ave., Kyiv 03022, Ukraine)

The Study of 175Hf Decay

Section: Nuclei and Nuclear Reactions
Original Author's Text: Ukrainian

The intensities of lines of the internal conversion electron and γ-rays emitted at the decay of 175Hf nucleus (T1/2 = 70 days) have been measured with the help of a π√2  magnetic β-spectrometer and two coaxial HPGe-detectors. On the basis of those data, the β-ray branching ratios and the log ft values for β-transitions are calculated. The limits on the log ft values for β-transitions to 175Lu levels 9/2+ at 113.8 keV, 9/2- at 396.3 keV, and 9/2+ at 546.6 keV have been found for the first time.

Key words: radioactivity, 175Hf, γ-spectrum, HPGe-detector, internal conversion, magnetic spectrometer, intensity measurements.