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Current issue   Ukr. J. Phys. 2014, Vol. 59, N 3, p. 313-318
https://doi.org/10.15407/ujpe59.03.0313    Paper

Cheptea C.1, Ivan L.M.2, Dorohoi D.O.2, Sunel V.3, Hurjui I.4, Saveanu C.I.5, Galaction A.I.1

1 “Gr. T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Faculty of Medical Bioengineering
(9-13, Kogˇalniceanu Str., Iasi 700454, Romania)
2 ”Al. I. Cuza” University, Faculty of Physics
(11, Carol I Blvd., Iasi 700506, Romania)
3 “Al. I. Cuza” University, Faculty of Chemistry
(11, Carol I Blvd., Iasi 700506, Romania)
4 “Gr. T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine
(16, University Str., Iasi 700115, Romania)
5 “Gr. T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Faculty of Dental Medicine
(16, University Str., Iasi 700115, Romania)

Optimized Synthesis and Spectral Characterization of Some Hydrazones Based on 5-Nitroindazole with Pharmacological Potential

Section: Solid matter
Language: English

Abstract: A number of new hydrazones with biological activity are synthesized on the basis of 5-nitroindazole. The most efficient conditions of their synthesis with maximum reaction yield are established. The chemical structure of new compounds is found by the elemental analysis, FTIR spectroscopy, and 1H-NMR method. The data of spectral analysis were verified by calculations with the HyperChem software. Toxicological tests indicate that the synthesized hydrazones have the antitumor effect.

Key words: Hydrazones, HyperChem, antitumor effect.


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