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Current issue   Ukr. J. Phys. 2015, Vol. 59, N 10, p.980-988
https://doi.org/10.15407/ujpe59.10.0980    Paper

Polatayko M.M.

this work is performed individually
(180, Grushevskyi Str., Nazavyziv 78425, Nadvirnyanskyi District, Ivano-Frankivsk Province, Ukraine; e-mail: pmm.miron@mail.ru)

Possibility of Normal Spherical Detonation in a Hydrogen-Oxygen Gas Mixture: Allowable Temperature, Mach Number, and Hydrogen Content

Section: Plasmas and gases
Original Author's Text: Ukrainian

Abstract: In the framework of the classical theory of detonation with the use of the previously obtained relations for spherical waves, the ranges of the allowable values of temperature, Mach number, and hydrogen content in a gas mixture, where the normal spherical detonation is possible, are determined. The critical values of parameters associated with the kinetics of chemical reactions at the blast wave front and the parameters responsible for the shock transition intensity (the minimum and the maximum of the Mach number) are calculated for the reacting medium. By analyzing the interaction between H2 and O2, the intervals of the critical temperature, the temperature of detonation in a stationary medium, and the hydrogen content in the mixture, at which the spherical detonation is possible, are determined graphically.

Key words: spherical detonation, Chapman–Jouguet regime, hydrogen-oxygen mixture, Lewis scheme, chain reaction, critical temperature, Mach number, Jouguet point, hydrodynamic theory of detonation.


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