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Current issue   Ukr. J. Phys. 2014, Vol. 58, N 4, p.341-344
https://doi.org/10.15407/ujpe58.04.0341    Paper

Blonskyi I.V., Kadan V.M., Dergachev A.A., Shlenov S.A., Kandidov V.P., Puzikov V.M., Grin’ L.O.

1 Institute of Physics, Nat. Acad. of Sci. of Ukraine
(46, Nauky Ave., Kyiv 03680, Ukraine; e-mail: kadan@iop.kiev.ua)
2 Department of Physics and International Laser Center,
M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University
(Moscow 119899, Russia; e-mail: shlenov@physics.msu.ru)
3 Institute for Single Crystals, Nat. Acad. of Sci. of Ukraine
(60, Lenin Ave., Kharkiv 61178, Ukraine; e-mail: info@isc.kharkov.com)

Filamentation of Femtosecond Vortex Beam in Sapphire

Section: Optics, lasers, and quantum electronics
Original Author's Text: Ukrainian

Abstract: Filamentation of powerful femtosecond beams with a vortex of the topological charge l = 2 in sapphire is studied. A method to control the azimuthal position of filaments by changing the phase difference between two coherent co-axial beams, vortex and vortex-free reference ones, is proposed and demonstrated. The observed misalignment between the paths of filaments generated by the vortex and vortex-free beams, when they cross at a small angle is explained in terms of the spiral propagation of filaments around the vortex optical axis.

Key words: filamentation, femtosecond, vortex beams, topological charge.


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