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Current issue   Ukr. J. Phys. 2014, Vol. 58, N 2, p.182-188


Tkach M.V., Seti Yu.O.

Yu. Fed’kovich National University of Chernivtsi
(2, Kotsyubyns’kyi Str., Chernivtsi 58012, Ukraine; e-mail: ktf@chnu.edu.ua)

Theory of the Properties of Resonant-Tunneling Nanostructures as Active Elements of Quantum Cascade Lasers and Detectors

Section: Nanosystems
Original Author's Text: Ukrainian

Abstract: A theory describing the spectral parameters of quasistationary states and the dynamic conductivity in an open three-barrier resonant-tunneling system (RTS) as an active element of a quantum cascade laser or a quantum cascade detector has been developed in the framework of the rectangular potential model and the effective electron mass approximation. It is shown that the optimal functioning of a three-barrier RTS can be obtained by properly choosing its geometric configuration, namely, by arranging the inner barrier closer to the input one in a position determined by the electromagnetic field energy.

Key words: resonance-tunnel nanostructure, conductivity.